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A new era of craft vinyl is here.

Finest American materials, unique colors and thoughtful touches make crafting easy and enjoyable. Your kids will love Glow in the Dark vinyl, let their creative side run wild!

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Adhesive Vinyl 12″x12″ SheetsComplete Set One

Adhesive Vinyl 12″x12″ SheetsComplete Set One

Self-Adhesive | Indoor | Outdoor | 30.5 × 30.5 cm

Self-Adhesive | Indoor | Outdoor | 30.5 × 30.5 cm

Unleash your creativity with this beautiful vinyl collection. We carefully selected 24 vibrant and unique colors in various finishes and added much more! It’s suitable for so many unique projects. It works great on any smooth, flat surface such as paper, wood, glass or metal. Have fun with your family and friends!

Ideal for...

home decor, Christmas decor, American holidays and party decorations, scrapbooking, lettering, wedding invitations, various DIY, school, church and community projects, cell phone and computer case decor, vehicle decals, bumper stickers, windows, mirror or tile graphics, signs and of course – gifts!

If you have no previous experience or project ideas, have no fear! You can simply play with your kids just for the sake of playing – cut out any shape you or your child draws with scissors and stick it wherever you like! Your skills, creativity and realationships will skyrocket!

Our customers also love it for their Etsy or small vinyl decal business.

Works with...
  • electronic DIY craft cutters / die cutting machines
    (Silhouette Cameo, Cricut Air, KNK Zing etc.)
  • hobby punches
  • scissors (nails scissors work great) and utility knives
This Set Contains
12″ x 12″ Sheets

2 custom Americana patterns(permanent, 3+ years outdoor durability)

24 different solid vibrant colors in 18 glossy, 2 matte, 3 metallic and 1 glitter finishes(5+ years outdoor durabilty)
Matte Milk White (matte, removable)
Lemon Yellow (glossy, permanent)
Banana Yellow (glossy, permanent)
Tiger Orange (glossy, permanent)
Crab Orange (glossy, permanent)
Tomato Red (glossy, permanent)
Cherry Red (glossy, permanent)
Bubble Gum (glossy, permanent)
Magenta (glossy, permanent)
Lavender (glossy, permanent)
Ice Blue (glossy, permanent)
Sky Blue (glossy, permanent)
Deep Blue (glossy, permanent)
Ocean Teal (glossy, permanent)
Starry Lagoon (glitter, permanent)
Apple Green (glossy, permanent)
Grass Green (glossy, permanent)
Matte Tree Green (matte, removable)
Sand (glossy, permanent)
Light Bronze (metallic, permanent)
Gold (metallic, permanent)
Choco Brown (glossy, permanent)
Silver (metallic, permanent)
Black (glossy, permanent)

BONUS Glow in the Dark(luminescent, permanent, indoor or short term outdoor application)

4 Transfer Tape Sheets (2 clear, 2 paper)

Amazing features.

Easy to Start

With the inclusion of four transfer tape sheets and detailed instructions, this set is the starter pack that beginners need – but it’s also just what seasoned veterans or Etsy business owners want as well.

FREE Glow in the Dark Sheet

This bonus sheet is simply amazing. All the sheets are perfect for both old and young, but this one will unleash the inner child in every man 🙂 Make original Halloween decor, use it for safety markings… And do it together.

US Flag Patterned Sheets

Create stunning holiday decoration – Thanksgiving Day, Christmas or any Americana decor with two custom patterns – Stars & Stripes.

5+ Years Outdoor Durability

The secret of better-than-norm lifetime is in the sourcing: the sheets are made with top-tier domestic materials. Set up for a party, and express yourself without stressing over clean-up because our vinyl is easy to maintain and super-durable.

No More Mess

thanks to a reusable resealable bag that we use for packaging.

Damage Protection

The packaging includes a sheet of cardboard to keep the sheets flat and prevent bending and damaging the corners.

Still not sure how easy is to start even without any machine and costly equipment? Here is the easiest way:


Trace the outline of the desired shape on your vinyl.
If tracing on the backside of the vinyl (on the paper liner), make sure to mirror or reverse your image.


Cut out the shape with sharp scissors (nail scissors work great), and then peel the vinyl off its paper backing.


Carefully position your vinyl, adhesive side down, onto your surface. Press gently, but firmly to remove any air bubbles.
That is all!

Personalize your things and give your home a soul with Tonebloom™ vinyl. No reason to wait!

Why you’ll love our crafts products more than any other ?

Premium quality products by Tonebloom™.
Only top-class American materials used and excellently processed. Manufactured with love by careful people with you in mind.

When our product arrives to you, we want it to be a little celebration for you. We love surprising details and we hope that you do too. No more disappointments, ugly packaging, missing colors, bent corners…! Time spent together is so precious, have fun and unleash creativity!

“We’re a young family with small kids and a lot of friends – they’re the ones we think of when designing a new product. It must be easy to use, beautiful to look and make them happy.”
Tomas Vasko, Founder

Made in USA
Because we love America.

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